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In the studio one can be free, in their own element, one with the paint, one with art, one with every word that describes the freedom that is...aartmeLs

On Location

On Location Roy Flowers

On Location Roy Flowers

Roy Wards BackYard
finished painting

finished painting

Overlook snow stream

Overlook snow stream

finished painting

finished painting

Statement Of Teaching Philosophy.

I am superman? No, I am batman. No I am Gandhi, No I'm a woman, No, I am a Man. Yes I am a human, no I'm not real. But yes I learned these things. Because I was taught them. Teachers are everywhere. The television teaches us. Mass media teaches us. Politicians teach us. Life teaches us, Nature teaches us. Experience teaches us. We live, we die, that teaches us!

We are humanity we are souls, that teaches us. We are art. That teaches us. We are demons, that teaches us. We are gods, that teaches us. We are idealistic, that will teach us. We are deterministic realists that will teach us. We are a million views and no audience, that will teach us. We are information...but will that reach us? Us, the earth, reality...if it is to persist. This idea called blank (insert word here). This idea..It will teach us. This thing, yes it will teach us, it must teach us.

But do teachers teach us?

Everyday we experiences thousands of things that are teaching us...conditioning believe what we think and see to be real, truth, or a principle of some sort. Then we go about our ways. But more than anything non human; Influence is powerful, at times of desperation we react pulling from our archives of thought as to how to proceed in life. Where do we get these ideas? Where do we get these thoughts? We have been taught them. Introduced to them. And rewarded from them, by practicing their beliefs, their codes of ethics and their hierarchy.

 Everything, indeed, teaches us. If we are willing, and able to listen and to learn. Everyday is a possibility for positive reinforcement or self fulfilling doom, gloom, death destruction...pointlessness. There is hope though, in a world of darkness, the speed of light, the speed of information, that light, that truth. The compelling note, sound, color, shape, line, texture, weight, form, that compels us forward to the world beyond. The world of the unseen. While we are here, you as in me, and I, shall we partake at glimpses of this brave strange new world?

This sublime scene, these worlds beyond our own. Or hidden universes nestled beneath our very own realities. Shall we call this Art? Do we need a word for it? Can we teach this? Is that possible? Yes, no maybe...influence is real, persuasion is marketing! Listen to the sounds, the colors that you hear.

This is your environment, you create it, you destroy it, you learn from it, You are a teacher! You are a learner, and you are an artist! And you are a human? Are you real? Do you exist? These thoughts and more are here, inside your mind, because you learned them, you were taught them. From society, from your friends, from the world.

Teaching is everywhere, whether we realize it or not. Thank you for attending my short lecture. Am I the student? Or are you? Lets call it even. We shall call this, A statement of teaching philosophy.


Marketing. Self promotion. Resume creation. versus Instantly successful child prodigy.

Drawing jargons foundation = gold gold gold versus Art is useless colored dirt

Great masters inspirational versus Music videos pop culture cinema and video games

Illustration methods and madness versus Cartoons are not art, this is not art, that is not art.

Beginning 2d animation after effects ect. versus10,000 hours wasted on a bouncing ball

 Creating your first graphic novel versusLearn every muscle in the human body

 Storytelling for artist , painters and illustrators versus Behind the sofa objectification.

How to make millions with your style versus Struggle, and be on someones art homework for one day.




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