Play Ground

Trees and plants must claim their magical spots only to hope they picked a park or a playground where they will get plenty of sunlight and be safe from the lumber machines, the monster of progress and profit.  Children and adults are essentially the same.  The only difference is that adults have the ability to create or solve more problems than a young adult or child.  This is all a result of resources.  It is funny to me to notice the nature of things, how a child with far less resources can often times be far more creative than an adult with many times more the "knowledge" and resources that the child may posses.  Don't get me wrong, children and young adults are by no stretch of the imagination angels, none of us are.  But if we make the observation and agree that children and adults are a lot more similar than we realize then the picture becomes more clear.  Adults are conditioned by the world to behave, to have manners, and to be diplomatic to get what they want or need from others in life.  This diplomacy, or the ability to negotiate is in my observed opinion the only thing that keeps our world from turning into total anarchy.  Kids, like young adults, and a handful of grown adults, seem to romanticise the idea of anarchy.  A world with no rules.  That fantasy is destroyed the moment they realize there is always someone else stronger, faster, smarter, richer, or more clever than them.  Their short lived moment of rule, be them a president, company CEO, or business owner, only last for a time period.  This does not mean that life is not worth participating in, and that just because one cannot win at everything there is no point to play at all.  I believe that each person, at the core of who they are is always moving through time, whether figuratively or literally.  We all influence each other, and without positive ideas that actually help things, we fail, as individuals, as leaders, and as a group.  School is great, academics are great, jobs are great, the world is great.  But until someone, an individual, understands themselves, and who they are, happiness will elude them.  Good grades, lots of friends, big houses, fancy cars, lots of money, will not solve our quest for who we are and how we relate to ourselves and others in the world.  As an adult, and child, the one place where we discover things, where we find the wonder in the world and learn some pointers on the road to fulfilment is in our free time.  Our play time. Recess. The playground.

    This is a sacred place,
- a place where we can make noise.
- a place where we can run.
- a place where we can compete
- a place where we can work together
- a place where we can learn
- a place where we can make new friends
- a place where we can be ourselves
- a place where we don't have to win
- a place where we can lose and its okay
- a place where we can cry and no one judges us
- a place where we can be angry and we don't go to jail
- a place where we can create and be creative
- a place where we can keep the real world away
- a place where we can discover ourselves
- a place where we don't have to do homework the whole time
- a place where we can be someone else
- a place where we can imagine
- a place where we can play

Yes I am an observer, I saw these things and I see them.  But I am also a participant.
It has been my duty to uphold these ideas, to myself and the young adults that agree with them. 
One game of foursquare is all I need to validate my importance in this scene.
sImple things I take for granted that these young adults may overlook I must help them see.
It makes sense once they see it.  They teach me, so I teach them. 

- Power is temporary play is forever
- Too many rules makes games no fun to play
- Every game has different rules
- We all participate and may take on different roles for different games. 
- If a game has no rules someone must make up the rules
- without rules there is no game
- If no one understands the rules or agrees to them the game will not be fun to play
- It is the rule makers duty to explain the rules to all who are playing
- The person who controls the game controls the rules
- No one person can control all the games all the time
- At some point every person playing the game has a chance at controlling the game or making a new one
- A game is a game, enough said
- games are fun and should be exciting whether we win or lose at them.
- games are worth playing more than once to improve our technique or learn new things about ourselves or others
- games are only mandatory for participants, observers simply watch
- free time is its own game and has no rules

What is listed above is sacred, it could be worded more or less slightly different
The idea is the same.  But at the end of the thought lies discovery, happiness, meaning, cooperation, coordination,

I have been made aware of these things, the kids enlightened me. 
I must not let them down.  I must teach them, to not let each other down.
So that one day they may have the chance to see what I have seen.
And then they may govern themselves, on the sacred landscape of the playground.
My only hope is once they have figured it all out for each other, they still
see me as one of them, and continue to allow me to participate.
My final dream, is that when the playground is gone, when there is no time for anything,
They don't forget what it means.




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