and Im also about to start lessons at the loft art supply store in athens ga on wed at 5:30-7:00pm

nice to hear from ya ! :)

It's greatly appreciated by me. It would be fine to post the interview on your website. My professor says whenever you do post it just tag Presbyterian Art department or note it somehow. Would it be fine to do the interview via email or do you prefer by phone? 

Email is great

Okay cool. First question: what's your inspiration for your artwork? 

Watch a human body move, watch any living thing move.  Motion is marvelous, it is the universe.  Art just gives us a glimpse, but what a beautiful one it is.  An artist choses this to enlighten the audience.  That glimpse is there because of an artist and now it is part of the inspiration too. 

Thanks. My professors actually have me studying the human body more. Were there any other artist you studied or learned from before pursuing your own theme? 

Burne Hogarth
Andrew Loomis
Frank Frazetta
Gustave Dore

Did a research paper on Carravagio. Great artist. when producing your artwork is there any particular audience you try to reach out to or is it open for any audience? 

Thats a great question.  An open minded audience of course is ideal, anyone with a background in athletics is also nice.  I like to think that a great artist has a few works that cross over and reach any audience.  Thats the goal, thats what makes an artist great.  The more they crossover, the greater they are. 

Yeah, I've noticed you do more artwork outside of sports. When you began to produce your artwork, were athletics your first choice to pursue? 

Yes you are correct.

Great. How did you move on from athletic artwork to produce other types of art? Such as your still life paintings, landscapes, and etc. I'm really stuck on producing athletic artwork right now. 


Start with what you like, that will keep you going, later on, once you arrive at a style, it matters not what you create, but how.

Okay I will give that a try. I know you probably like all your artwork, but is there any particular thing you like about it? 

Actually, I would like to think as you.  Each work had its own journey of visual problem solving.  Some solutions were easy, some were challenging.  Often the challenging ones give more of a reward.  So clearly there are works that Im much more fond of.  My figurative drawings are a good example of that idea.

Okay. I'm the same way. That's probably like every other artist, but professionally, what is your goal for your artwork? Like where do you intend for it to go? 

Art choses its own path.  Artist just create it.  Controlling art completely is impossible.

Good answer never thought of it that way. Have like two more questions. For upcoming artists what advice would you give them? 

Believe in yourself, please, this is very important, help other artist to do the same.  Get to know yourself.  Look to other artist and other thinkers or business people or anyone or anything or any situation you can learn or take inspiration from.  The only force in the universe you should close your mind to is negative thinking, it can destroy you and your talent and prevent it from blosoming.  Do not worship any one artist or style and put it on a pedestal, that will make it unatainable.  Art is here - now in the moment.

Thanks John! I really appreciate you taking the time out to give me some advice to better myself as an artist. It is good to know that there are artist out there, that are willing to help upcoming artist grow. The things you said will stick with me and I will continue to learn and grow as an artist. I will put everything you said into my artwork and hopefully I will be as good as you one day! Once again thank you and feel free to post this interview. You are greatly appreciated! 

Indeed!  You are very welcome! :)

Here is a couple of pieces I've worked on. 

Wow, I should interview you next, thanks for sharing!




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