Art is Useless colored dirt

Fine artist who make it: must acquire wealthy rich collectors: to inflate the price of their works, and its perceived value while they are living: or be noticed or marketed by popular galleries - who have wealthy clients! Sadly in the united states, to the majority of the population, entertainment has more value than art; not financially, but for the effect it creates on its audience; the baroque artist knew this! They were the true Hollywood directors of their time, as we know those paintings were the entertainment of the day! Full of meaning: symbols, and messages, now cinema - animation , has replaced all that wonderful art, and things like music videos: combining artistic symbols and sound: entertain and create more emotions and feelings in most audiences - than any modern painting purchased for a wealthy art collector to go behind their top dollar sofa ever will. Through all my art history classes, I have seen this natural progression happen - as art movements became more and more absurd - with artist like Duchamp declaring a shovel a ready made work of art. No offense, I love Duchamp! And I'm not even a farmer!

Art is wonderful, I love it! However the majority of the public are not in tune with its history or progression! So they purchase art as investments, or to impress their neighbors! Most people do not know what they like artistically. because they have not had time, or been able to discover what they actually enjoy and respond to! For most of the history of humanity, just surviving, living, eating, sleeping, and staying alive - healthy; proved to be challenging enough in itself. And in our product focused economy, with everyone cutting spending - and trying to get a deal and find the lowest cost - the quality of art worldwide is suffering, as very few classically trained skilled artist survive or thrive. Modern artist have adapted by creating paintings in a few hours or days time.... as if they are working on some sort of artistic minimum wage.... they then can justify their if they are providing a useful task, or product like a car mechanic or plumber would. Art has the highest potential for profit over any other product world wide! And its also the least useful thing in the world! Ideally, it simply has an effect on someone, or makes them feel a certain emotion! the problem as noted before, is that for most people a movie, good song, music video, or animation, will accomplish this much better! Ironically, sometimes takes much, much, more time and money to produce! Yet is sold for a much lower affordable price, thus making it, and its effect or idea, available to more people.

Truly their is an art to living...yet no one really needs art to live at all!...Its simply not a necessity, like food or farming is, hence the hero of older American art was nothing other than a successful farmer! That was the ideal...the superman...the American farmer.

Now fine art has to compete with pop music, literature, poetry, cinema! Actually, real life itself can prove more exciting than Art? Why spend hundreds on a painting of the grand canyon - when you could use that same money...or less... to visit it for yourself in person...the real thing! Art is merely an imitation of the real thing, an idea, or a concept, It is a thing in and of itself, yes, but it is still only an illusion! Why not step out from platos cave from watching the illusions, the shadows on the wall, and experience the world and reality around you in 3d! Full surround sound! Real dirt! Real trees! Plants that live and die! Crops that grow and nourish! People that have free-wills, and struggles... that are more real and realistic... than any Norman Rockwell idealization of time moments! The universe itself does it, it creates art! And with the invention of the hand-held camera, you can document your unique experience yourself! Without the need for a photographer or an artist! Who really needs an artist? Besides I heard art is expensive! I'm pretty hungry now after all this reading! I think I want a hamburger, or a can of Campbell soup! I heard its only about 4$ for a good hamburger, and if I invest my money wisely, I will have more to spend on the art of living! (signed__________, "insert artist name of choice here")




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